Sunday, October 17, 2010


stimulation of the mind to special creativity

That's my condensed Kelsie version, but I think it fits with what I'm feeling- inspired to create. I try to surround myself with people who will inspire me to be the best me that I can be. Those people who will stimulate the God given creativity inside of me causing me to vent it out into the world. I figured for my first blog I could introduce myself and some of the fabulous friends, mentors, and artists who are truly inspiring me each and every day.

So to start off . . . my name is Kelsie and I like jazz music, Mexican food, long walks on the beach, and, oh wait . . .wrong site! I've been wanting to start a blog for what seems like centuries now and have finally sat down to fulfill this long harbored dream of mine. I'm not the greatest writer but I'm hoping I'll grow into it as my adventure with blogging keeps rolling along. My search for a blog site started out at about 6 this evening with me checking out different sites that first had to have the best design options. I quickly figured out that it's pretty much like myspace where you find layout template sites, and bada bing, bada boom, here I am, on Blogger.  After some family dinner time, 4 loads of laundry and the Gilmore Girls playing in the background, it is now 1:25 on a Sunday morning and I'm supposed to go watch my brother's hockey game at 8:45. I can already tell that blogging could easily become an addiction of mine, very much like eBay and Etsy have. Anyway, I love design, painting, creating, decor and coordinating colors and blah blah blah...someday I'm pretty certain that design will somehow be a part of my profession. Until that day arrives you'll be able to read all about my love for it right here on my Dream Designs blog. Maybe I should catch you up on what exactly Dream Designs is...

Last fall I went to a prophetic conference and was thinking about my paintings and design in general and wanted to have some sort of title, or business name to sell them under, but definitely didn't want to limit it to just my paintings. Then BAM! It hit me so fast I had to write it on my Kaladi's coffee cup so I wouldn't forget- Dream Designs.
My title would be the "dreamer of dreams"- hoping that I could the one to capture people's creative thoughts into something that I could create.

Then this past spring I went to Ireland with my friend, Gretchen, and we of course were shopping like maniacs- it was a blast! In my favorite over-the-seas store, River Island, I found this fabulous headband for my sister-it had beautiful frayed ivory flowers and pearl beading. I tried to find another for myself but had no luck. When I brought the headband back to Alaska and could find nothing that compared I decided I should make a replica of that headband and possibly even better ones! That is when Dream Designs evolved. Insert my Etsy shop:

There is plenty more that will be stirred into my smorgasbord of a blog, so let's warm up and stick to the appetizer for now. 

I would like to thank these wonderful women for inspiring me...

She is my inspiration to create this blog and all around design & decor mentor! Thanks for your antique shop and your creative ideas- I look forward to those chances that I get out there to see you!

Sydney & Shelby Smith! These twins are legit! They're going to be hugely successful someday and I want to grow young to be just like them! Thanks for the Fall Photo Shoot girls- FYI, you're going to be my new headband models!
She is constantly pouring destiny into my life. She's seen me throughout my ups and downs and she pulls out my strengths and pushes me to reach into eternity. Thanks Mariya (& Manalli clan)

Gretchen- you are my fabulous friend who is always unconditionally loving and I believe you would actually give me the world if you could. Thank you for being my inspiration to live & love.

And definitely not last nor least, my family. I love you all so much more than any words could express, even the ones on a published blogsite. Thank you for all of the memories and for all of the ones we have yet to create. I love you family with all of my heart.